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Lamonds Estate Agents have been an institution in the local area since 1952. We are born, bred and based in the heart of Wynnum.

As the principal of Lamonds, I feel privileged to service and support the local area, but you are only as good as your staff, and we have a great team. This month I would like to say a big thank you to my team, with a particular call out to Kevin Stewart (AKA Mr Sale).

Big Kev, as locals know him, or Mr Sale as Kev likes to call himself, is one of the hardest working and well respected local agents in the area. Kev’s success is not just about what he achieves in the field of selling, but also for what he does for various local community groups in his spare time.

Those who meet Kev for the first time immediately realise he is all heart – even before he introduces himself to you, you can tell he cares about people and his local community. People just gravitate to him due to his genuine nature. It’s this community-minded spirt of giving back that sets him apart from others.

Mr Sale/Mr Consistently Persistent – Selling the Impossible

Kev’s record speaks for itself. Mission almost impossible: Kev was most excited to sell two parcels of land along the Wynnum foreshore. For five years a few agents from outside the area tried to sell the land without any luck. Kev was contacted by the seller to have a go at selling it. Mr Sale/Mr Consistently Persistent, sold the blocks for well above the asking price within in weeks of the listing.

Mr Sale – Mr Commercial Property

You’ll notice more and more retail businesses are choosing Wynnum to call home, and in most cases you’ll find Kevin is involved in some way. Kevin says he lives and breathes the local area more than any other commercial agent located in Wynnum.

If you’re looking to move your family or your business to the area contact Kev and the team.