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Getting your home and family prepared for storm season helps prevent damage and ensures your family stays safe during thunderstorms.

Here’s a checklist of tasks that should be given priority:

  • Clear gutters and downpipes.
  • Trim branches from over the roof or nearby power lines.
  • Ensure stormwater drains are running freely.
  • Carry out repairs to any damaged areas of roofing or gutters.
  • Clear away toys and garden equipment from the yard and secure outdoor furniture in the event of a storm or strong winds.
  • Make sure your home and contents insurance is up to date, and covers all eventualities.
  • Speak to your electrician about installing surge protection in your home to protect your appliances and electrical equipment.
  • Put together an emergency and evacuation plan to make sure all your family members know what to do in the event of an emergency.
  • Pack an emergency kit in case you need to evacuate in a hurry.
  • Find out how to turn off the mains water, gas and electricity supply to your home.

Are your drains prepared for heavy rain?
Clearing your drains and gutters is essential to allow rainwater to quickly move away from your home. If these systems become blocked, your home can risk flooding and water damage – even with moderate amounts of rainfall.

Be sure to:

  • Clear the roof and gutters of leaves and garden debris.
  • Move pot plants, dirt or garden rubble from stormwater drain grates and downpipe bases.
  • Get stormwater drains professionally cleared by your plumber or drainage specialist to remove blockages like tree roots or debris build-up.
  • Re-attach or repair any areas of damaged guttering to avoid rainwater backing up into the roof void or walls.
  • Ensure stormwater soak pits (rubble pits) are working effectively and draining freely.

If you need help getting your stormwater drain systems ready for summer, Fallon Solutions’ licensed and well-trained drainage solution specialists can help.