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What if the air you’re breathing in your home, on a day-to-day basis, is contaminated? If your air conditioner hasn’t been cleaned in a while and you turn it on, there is a risk of it spewing mould spores and bacteria into the air, and your lungs.

To ensure you and your family are breathing in healthy indoor air, we recommend getting your air conditioner cleaned regularly.

Why is a mould outbreak in your aircon such an issue?

Mould problems often go unnoticed as it frequently grows in out-of-the way, dark, and damp areas of your home. Mould growth and the resulting airborne mould spores can lead to ongoing health issues. The interior of your air conditioner indoor unit is the perfect dark, damp, and warm environment for mould to flourish unchecked. With only limited sections of the unit easily accessible to general users, such as some filters or the fan louvre, to remove this mould build up properly the system will require a professional air conditioner clean.

How do I clean mould from my air conditioner?

You can easily clean the external surfaces of the wall unit as well as the removable filter and louvres. However, your air conditioning technician will be able to carry out a more comprehensive cleaning service. They can safely get to, and thoroughly de-mould, deeper inside the system, getting to all the nooks and crannies in and around the electrical components of the unit.

It’s important to note that by accessing the internal areas of your aircon yourself you can risk voiding your air conditioner warranty and causing other issues. Best to leave this to the licenced professionals.

Don’t delay booking that air conditioning clean to protect your family or staff this winter.