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Did you know that March 11 was World Plumbing Day? Since 2010 this annual worldwide event has recognised the importance of the plumbing industry in the health and safety of communities.

Plumbers and drainers are recognised as specialised tradespeople who ensure clean drinking water is on tap in your home, and that liquid waste is disposed of with minimal risk of spreading disease.

Use a licensed contractor
To help protect the health of Queenslanders, all plumbers and drainers in the state doing work of any value must hold an appropriate service trades licence with the Queensland Building and Construction Commission (QBCC).

Not only do plumbers and drainers need to be licensed when doing work in your home, the fittings they use must also meet Australian standards. For example, due to health concerns lead pipes are no longer installed for drinking water when building new homes.

Use WaterMark products
In Australia, plumbing and drainage products are labelled with WaterMark certification if they meet Australian building standards. Products without this certification may not meet Australian standards and in Queensland are also classified as a non-conforming building product.

To ensure any plumbing and drainage products used in your home meet Australian standards look for the WaterMark certification. This is especially important if you are sourcing products online. Using WaterMark certified products means they are fit for purpose, authorised for installation and safe for you and your family.

Use QBCC’s online licence search
Go to the licence register at qbcc.qld.gov.au to check that the tradesperson you have engaged is appropriately licensed. For other information and tools for home owners check our website or call us on 139 333.