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Electrical fires can swiftly escalate, posing a grave danger to your loved ones and property. That’s why knowing how to handle them is crucial. Here’s a guide to effectively managing electrical fires.

Quick tips to protect your home

1. Prioritise your safety: If the fire is sizable or it’s spreading fast, evacuate immediately and call emergency services on 000. Your safety comes first!

2. Cut the power: If it’s safe, turn off the power in the affected area by locating the circuit breaker and switching off the relevant circuit.

3. Use a fire extinguisher: Small electrical fires can be tackled using a Class C fire extinguisher. Never use water-based extinguishers, as they worsen electrical fires.

4. Smother flames: If you don’t have an extinguisher, use non-flammable materials like heavy blankets or sand to smother the flames. Avoid materials that can catch fire.

5. Avoid water: Water conducts electricity, increasing the risk of electrocution and fire spreading. Stick to non-conductive materials.

6. Evacuate and alert: If the fire persists or grows, evacuate immediately and ring 000.

7. Preventive measures: To reduce the risk of electrical fires, ensure your home’s wiring and electrical appliances are well-maintained. Avoid overloading outlets, use surge protectors, and get frayed cords or exposed wires fixed promptly.

8. Conduct regular inspections: Get a sparkie to inspect your electrical system to identify potential hazards like flickering lights, buzzing outlets, or circuit breakers that frequently trip. Address any issues promptly to prevent the risk of fire.

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Remember, safety is paramount. If you’re unsure, prioritise evacuation and call 000. By staying prepared and informed, you can effectively manage electrical fires, safeguarding lives and property.

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