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Contributed by Carpets by Design

Carpet can be one of the easiest types of flooring to care for and keep clean. Follow these few simple steps to ensure you get the best out of your new carpet!

  • Vacuuming – with regular vacuuming you will prolong the life and beauty of your carpet.
  • Spot and spill removal – be prepared for the unavoidable. Different spills require different cleaning methods e.g. water-based substances will require different cleaning methods to an oil-based substance.
  • Overall cleaning – get regular care with professional cleaning systems every 12 months.

The benefits of regularly cleaning and maintaining carpet
No carpet is absolutely stain-proof; you must ensure that you get your carpets maintained and cleaned on a regular basis. Without regular cleaning, carpets will lose their ‘new carpet’ feel and will no longer show the soft look that you expect. That’s why it’s necessary to remember the importance of regularly maintaining your carpets.

Let’s look at the benefits of regularly maintaining and servicing your carpets.

Keeping that ‘new carpet’ feel
Most carpets tend to lose that ‘new’ feel over time. Once the carpets are used for an extended period – depending on the amount of foot traffic – they tend to lose their softness, and become compressed and dusty. To maintain the new carpet feel, it’s necessary to get your carpets cleaned regularly. You should get in touch with professional cleaners for the job, as they use the best cleaning agents to make sure that spills and other dust marks that settle on top of carpets over the period of time are duly tackled.

Better lifetime
Believe it or not, the cleaning and maintenance that goes into a carpet plays a major part in determining its life span. If you want your carpet to remain tidy and sturdy for a longer period, it is necessary to regularly look after it. Make sure you buy cleaning agents that are approved and don’t damage the structural integrity of your carpets.

Regular cleaning can maintain the beauty of your carpet, keeping it as fresh as they day you installed it. Professionally cleaned carpets will maintain their pristine freshness, and your floor will look great.

Stain resistant treatments
Some carpets have stain resistant treatments that improve your ability to clean spills and stains, but all carpets require regular care and maintenance.

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