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Dibble Locksmiths, originally based in Wynnum but now in Capalaba, has provided security solutions to homes and businesses in the bayside, Redlands and Brisbane areas for 40 years.

Many things have changed over the last 40 years, but some things remain the same such as the perception of what a locksmith does. Many customers are surprised at the range of services offered, as they often think of Dibble as only cutting keys or fixing locks. In addition to repairing and replacing locks, the business also specialises in automotive work, whether it’s replacing lost car keys, programming a remote or re-keying an ignition barrel, or cutting keys for a toolbox, a caravan or a motorbike.

Dibble also supplies and services safes and has recently opened a new showroom next door to its locksmith workshop in Capalaba. Here you’ll find a wide range of new and refurbished safes suitable for the home or business, as well as drug and gun safes.

“More and more people are buying safes to keep their valuables secure as we see a big increase in break-ins,” said Allen Dibble.

“Unfortunately, a break-in can often result in keys being taken and cars being stolen, not to mention ‘quick to grab’ valuables. Our best advice to people is to not leave their keys on the kitchen table and to lock all vehicles, doors and windows. Many times thieves are looking for an easy opportunity.”

Security cameras are also a useful deterrent and are widely available for a reasonable cost.