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Contributed by Queensland Building and Construction Commission

Queensland summers are usually hot and humid, tempting many pool owners to take a dip to cool off before a storm hits.

The Queensland Building and Construction Commission advises home owners to ensure their pool complies with safety regulations and keep up with home maintenance to minimise potential storm damage.

If you have a swimming pool, it must comply with Queensland swimming pool safety laws. A swimming pool is defined as any structure primarily used for swimming or bathing, and includes some models of portable pools and spas that can hold more than 30cm of water.

To help keep children safe, ensure your pool fence measures up and is compliant. Pool gates must open outwards from the pool, be self-latching from all positions and remain closed when not in use. Anyone who props open a pool gate is liable for an on-the-spot fine.

Even if you don’t have a pool, there’s still home maintenance work to help prepare for storm season.

Clear any leaves and debris out of eaves and gutters so roof water drains properly during a downpour.

Do surface and garden maintenance to ensure water drains adequately and to minimise subsidence.

Make sure you are maintaining building, plumbing and drainage systems associated with your house.

While it is the season to be jolly, it is also the time to make sure things are up to scratch around the house so you don’t risk damage to your home or your family.

For more tips on preparing for storms or pool safety search at QBCC.qld.gov.au.