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To start your new garden bed off to a flourishing start, the first step is all in the soil preparation. Healthy soils foster
healthy plants. Plants growing in nutrient rich composted soils establish strong root growth for healthy, lush foliage and the promotion of flowering brilliance. Healthy soils also encourage beneficial microbial activity, facilitate good drainage and have few or reduced problems with pest attack, diseases or nutrient deficiencies.

When preparing garden beds or boxed raised gardens, consider the plants you are planting. Some plants like natives, azalea and camellias, cacti and succulents require specialised mixes containing a tailored nutrient ratio for optimal growth. Ask your local gardening expert for the right Searles specialty mix for these varieties. For most flowering and ornamental plants, including growing vegetables and fruit frees, prepare new garden beds by mixing equal amounts of Searles Garden Soil and 5 IN 1 Organic Fertiliser together. This soil combination will allow excellent drainage and plenty of organic nutrient goodness to establish a healthy plant system to support strong
growth from the start.

To maintain vitality throughout the life of the plant, liquid feed or apply a controlled release fertiliser periodically, especially just before and during the plant’s growth season.

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