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With nearly 160,000 residents now calling Redlands home, it’s no surprise that more people are eager to move and settle here, drawn by the relaxed bayside lifestyle it offers.

The area boasts a variety of properties, including larger blocks of land, all within close proximity to Moreton Bay and its many islands. Over the past few years, the Redlands property market has experienced significant growth and remains robust, with low stock levels driving prices higher, a trend expected to continue throughout 2024. Currently, the median price in Redlands stands at $878k, reflecting the area’s desirability. Moreover, the median rent in Redlands sits at $523 per week, underlining the attractiveness of the area for both homeowners and tenants alike.

Recent land valuations issued by the Department of Resources have surged by 25% or more, leading to corresponding increases in rates. While some residents may find these hikes challenging, they ultimately contribute to the overall equity in properties in the Redlands. For those considering downsizing or selling, this upward trend is a positive development.

In terms of regulatory updates, the Queensland government has introduced the Residential Tenancies and Rooming Accommodation and Other Legislation Bill 2024, which mandates continuing professional development (CPD) for all property agents in the state. Under this framework, property agents will be required to fulfill annual CPD requirements to ensure professionalism and compliance within the industry.