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By Byron Freeborn, Raine & Horne Wynnum

Have you downsized recently? And do you happen to live in one of those newly built apartments springing up around Wynnum and surrounding areas?

If you have, or you are contemplating such a move, one thing you’ll be missing is a garden. Not so much the chore of whipper snipping, or pushing the mower around! No, I mean the pleasure of planting seeds or seedlings and watching them (like babies) shoot up and gladden your soul while they do their thing as each season advances.

In speaking with Chris Reynolds, a real deal downsizer, we discovered that some of the best parts of gardening can still be achieved in your new apartment – especially if you, as many do, have a modest balcony or rooftop space. Here you can locate a few tubs and containers, preferably ones that have water reservoirs so they do not need watering every five minutes.

With some high-quality already fertilised soil you are ready for the fun part.

First of all, decide whether you want to grow for the kitchen, or only decorative plants to add colour and foliage to the setting.

Of course, many of us already have small pots of parsley or basil on hand in the kitchen. But with a whole balcony to fill you can branch out, say with mint (deserves a pot of its own because it loves to wander free); rosemary (tantalising smell when crushed between the fingers!); coriander (for those Asian salads) and, of course, thyme!

To help out the local bees, consult with your local nursery to discover the best species of flowers/plants that they will enjoy pollinating, and you’ll enjoy watching them grow and flower!

Start small or you may end up with wrong plants in the wrong place. Rewards are there for the careful planner and for those who seek out knowledgeable neighbours, rellies and friends.

And, if all else fails, buy a cactus.