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Taking care of your solar PV system to protect your investment makes perfect sense, and all it takes is booking a yearly professional solar check!

1. Maximum power generation
The more green power your system can generate each day, the faster it pays for itself.

Many solar owners don’t know their system isn’t generating the expected amount of power until the electricity bill comes in. No one likes nasty, costly surprises like high power bills.

Regularly checking that your solar panels are generating around the expected level of electricity (for the system and the current weather) helps to identify issues that can be addressed before your grid power use becomes excessive.

2. Keep repair costs down
A yearly check by a specialist solar electrician who has the experience, tools and knowledge to quickly identify faults in your solar system means you’ll catch any problems early. This allows for repairs to be carried out when the issue is small, rather than waiting for complete system failure which could be more costly to repair and may involve replacing whole components.

3. Safe green power production
While most solar systems installed by a reputable solar company are very durable and safe, the wear and tear from being exposed to the elements can lead to issues over time. To make sure your solar system is safely generating electricity, it’s essential that any issues are repaired promptly. This is crucial to safeguard those living in and working around the property from electrical accidents.

4. Identify shonky installation
Unfortunately, not all solar installers are trained, experienced and committed to supplying you with a top-quality system that is installed correctly. Shonky installers who take advantage of unsuspecting customers for a quick dollar can leave homes with badly installed solar power systems.

5. Recalled solar components
The list of recalled solar DC isolators on the ACCC Product Safety Recall site is remarkably long with many of the recalled switches having been widely installed throughout the country. Unfortunately, many of these faulty solar components can cause major issues with your system that may result in fire.

During the solar inspection service, your electrician will check all parts of your system to ensure no components have been identified for a recall. If any are found, your solar electrician can repair or replace where necessary to maintain the safety of the system.