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Home energy audits are gaining popularity as a valuable tool for improving energy efficiency and reducing utility bills. These audits assess your home’s energy usage and identify areas for improvement, leading to potential cost savings on your next bill. But do these audits truly deliver on their promise of saving you money?

What is a home energy audit?
During a Home Energy Audit, Fallon Solutions’ licenced electricians visually examine your home’s energy usage.

They will assess lighting, power, Air Conditioning, solar, and appliances to identify areas of energy waste. You’ll receive detailed ratings and a comprehensive report with personalised recommendations for cost savings and efficiency improvements. Their aim is to help you maximize energy efficiency in your home.

Energy-saving advice: Certified professionals provide specific insights into areas where energy efficiency can be improved, offering recommendations and changes in usage patterns for maximum energy savings.

Cost savings: Implementing audit recommendations can reduce monthly utility bills and prevent future costly repairs, resulting in long-term cost savings.

A healthier and safer living environment: Home energy audits focus on improving indoor air quality and safety, creating a healthier and safer living environment for your family.

Increase in home value: Investing in energy-efficient upgrades as recommended by the audit enhances the value of your home, attracting potential buyers seeking eco-friendly and energy-efficient features.

The audit itself does not lower energy costs: The audit provides recommendations, but the effectiveness in reducing energy costs depends on you as the homeowner implementing the suggested changes and adopting energy-saving habits.

Upfront cost: Home energy audits come with an associated cost, but the potential long-term energy savings and benefits can outweigh the upfront investment.

At Fallon Solutions, we offer multiple trades under one roof to assist with implementing energy-saving measures promptly and conveniently. We also provide financing options through our partnership with Brighte Loans to help you manage the upfront costs and achieve your home improvement goals.

Contact us today on 1300 712 028 to schedule your home energy audit and start your journey towards a more efficient and cost-effective home!