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Spring is upon us! Beautiful sunny days, the mercury is rising, the flowers in the gardens are starting to bloom! No wonder it’s one of – if not the most favoured seasons – to take your property to market. But how do you make it stand out from the crowd…?

1) First impressions
Buyers eat with their eyes, so why not present them with the property at its absolute best!

Never underestimate the power of street appeal, and going that extra mile to make a great first impression on prospective buyers. A bit of elbow grease doesn’t cost a lot, but it can definitely put money in your own pocket come contract time. Drag out the high-pressure hose on the driveway, a lick of paint to freshen up interiors, and trim bushes or hedges in your front garden. The better the first impression, the more buyers you will entice, and everyone knows the best way to get top price is to have competition.

2) Spring clean
With the change of season, why not bring a change of energy inside your home? It’s amazing how you can bring an added brightness into your home just by polishing your tapware, removing cobwebs, washing your windows inside and out and dusting your blinds. Take the time to polish or mop your floors and clean mirrors and glass as reflective surfaces will make the space in your rooms feel larger.

3) Declutter
It isn’t called a spring clean for nothing! Take this opportunity to sort through your home, room by room, discarding clutter as you go. Not only will your home look better during the sale period, but you’ll also have less to pack away when you’re moving out!

If there are some things you just can’t live without, consider hiring some temporary storage to get them out of the house during the inspection period. It can pay to store a couple of larger, non-essential furniture items to make your home feel more spacious.