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I am so excited and just waiting in anticipation for details of events and who is performing at the upcoming Wynnum Fringe Festival, scheduled for November 15 until December 3 on our bayside foreshores.

And it is with great pleasure that I confirm Raine & Horne Wynnum Manly’s continuing commitment to Tom Oliver, ‘Voice of Wynnum’ and his upcoming production of the Wynnum Fringe Festival 2023.

What a journey of JOY and DISCOVERY it has been since our very first Wynnum Fringe Festival in 2020. Tom to signed himself up for $800,000 of risk in 2020 – when there was no major Government funding available that year – to make sure the event proceeded and the community could come together. We saw 500 artists perform and creative workers set the stages (and all get paid), plus the army of willing local volunteers who made everything run smoothly – nothing short of ASTONISHING.

What Wynnum Fringe has achieved as a business and the huge risk Tom Oliver has taken personally to get us to this point three years down the track, for the benefit of Wynnum Manly, the bayside and Brisbane as a whole, is truly an EXTRAORDINARY achievement.

The festival has spent $2.5 million on artists, arts workers, and local suppliers. This does not include the money attendees spend in local shops, cafes, restaurants, and bars each year.

On top of its economic benefits, Wynnum Fringe Festival brings music and joy to families; it brings the whole community together and enhances the wonderful cultures of our region and helps us develop as sharing and caring humans. Let us all make Wynnum Fringe Festival 2023 the BEST EVER!

It is now time for myself, my business, Raine & Horne Wynnum Manly, other local sponsors and the Government to rally behind this festival. Our support will help its strategic growth and make sure it continues to be a huge asset for Brisbane, the bayside community, the tourism sector and most importantly, the arts industry. Join the Wynnum Fringe Crew at the official launch of the programme on Thursday 28th September. Tickets available at wynnumfringe.com … love to see you there! .