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Whether you’re preparing for a new build or a major renovation of your existing home, considerations such as budget, electrical and structural requirements are key in getting your window coverings right. Early planning will ensure you achieve a result that is aesthetically pleasing and practical, and best suited for each application.

When selecting the right window covering or shade products to meet your specific requirements, there are several considerations.

1. Window coverings and shade shouldn’t be an afterthought when planning a renovation or new build. Early consideration helps avoid costly mistakes and limits options, such as ensuring enough room for curtains and blinds in the window reveals.

2. The style of the window should be considered; casement windows and louvre windows often require very different solutions to conventional slider windows. Another example is covering sliding doors. There are a number of solutions that maximise the aesthetic appeal whilst retaining high levels of functionality.

3. Window coverings are a vital component in smart homes. A range of automation systems is now available, from Control 4 and Savant to systems such as Google Home and Apple Homekit. Considering the level of integration and the requirements early in the project will maximise the potential integration.

4. For outdoor shade products such as folding arm awnings and straight drop awnings, considering the structural mounting of the product will ensure that install costs are minimised, and flexibility is maximised. From time to time, installation of these products may require scaffolding or crane equipment. It’s often best to consider the before final handover of the building.

5. The lead times for the products should also be considered. The lead time to produce a roller blind versus a custom powder coated folding arm awning with custom installation beams and brackets are different. Each window covering and shade product will have different lead times ranging from 1 to 12 weeks, with most being around 4-6 weeks.

6. Given that window coverings and shade solutions are often one of the last finishes selected in a new build, budgets are often under extreme scrutiny. If budgets are tight, staging the window coverings over several stages can often help address this. Also, drawing on the consultant’s experience can often deliver the look of a high-end treatment without breaking the bank.

Early engagement with a consultant can help select products you will love whilst minimising frustration during a complicated time in any renovation or new build.