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With colder weather on the way, and this year looking like it will be similar to last with families spending more time at home, outdoor entertaining at home is becoming far more popular.

When it comes to keeping cosy this winter, firepits are an obvious first option for many families. There are few better ways to spend quality time together than sitting around a fire with a glass of wine, watching kids perfecting the art of how they like their marshmallows toasted.

The downside of a wood firepit is the inability to control where the smoke goes, leaving the success or comfort of your night largely up to mother nature and which way the wind is blowing, but there are other options.

For those who don’t want to carry wood, light a fire or deal with smoke, there are now great alternatives available that burn gas or biofuel taking all of the work away and leaving just enjoyment.

Biofuel (ethanol is its official name) is a totally renewable resource produced in Australia from sugarcane and offers a long list of benefits. It produces very little carbon-monoxide, so it is safe for indoor and outdoor use, does not require gas lines or bottles and can be ready to use in a moment’s notice.

Gas, specifically LPG and natural gas, are both also great options, however it is much harder to contain a gas bottle in your firepit design, and having a gas line plumbed into your yard is really only an option with lots of prior planning when you landscape your outdoor space.

For those who want to take their backyard time to the next level, it’s hard to beat the flavour that wood-fired cooking adds to food. A pizza oven – and we should really call this a wood-fired oven – can be used for cooking a range of foods, from pizza and breads, to steaks, casseroles and desserts.

An outdoor fireplaces is a fantastic options, available in a range of shapes and sizes to suit your home. Fuel options include wood, gas and biofuel. Some gas and all biofuel options don’t require a flue or chimney system, opening up a range of construction options.

There is also plenty of options for fireplaces that can also be used for cooking and heating, giving you the best of both worlds.

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