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Project Officer / Events Coordinator

Fun Farm Limited

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Fun Farm Limited


Evenings, Weekdays, Weekends

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[email protected]

About this volunteering position

Fun Farm (no farm yet)
Preparing the Event Planner and run sheet relating to the event
Create the invitation for the event using hubspot
Create event on website and socials
To follow up prospective attendees
To follow up service providers
Facilitate at the event
Ensure hubspot is up to date with all client information from Booking and other sources
Sent out emails regarding events from HubSpot
Attend as a guest to Directors Meeting to update on events
Escalate any urgent matters to Directors as soon as possible

Business Development
To connect with service providers to build client base and subscriptions
To connect with Corporate for sponsorship

How to apply

Please provide your resume, working with children card. Also a covering letter to provide hours and days available.

Send applications to: [email protected]

About the organisation

Fun Farm Limited

Based in the Redlands Fun Farm is a registered not for profit charity. We also now have deductible gift recipient status. We commenced Dec. 2019 however didn't run our first evet event until May 2021.

The purpose of Fun Farm Ltd is to provide social connections and services for teenagers and young adults with disabilities, their carers and families in the Redland Coast area of Brisbane. Teenagers and high-school/post-school students have fewer options for socializing, making friends, and doing things their mainstream peers take for granted.

This also applies to family networks, which shrink as the social activities of the schooling phase do. Fun Farm strives to bridge the gap in social inclusion activities for this age group and demographic by offering a calendar of events and activities that are not only fun but also connect and educate families and caregivers.

To ensure we keep moving toward our goal of Fun Farm and the Farm, we need more Volunteers. Being a Volunteer does not need to be taxing, just small amounts of time add up to creating wonderful outcomes for everyone. You can nominate a role and how much time you can contribute.