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About Bayside Community Fund

The Bayside Community Fund (BCF) is a perpetual benefit fund built by bayside locals to create funding opportunities for a better future.

Every dollar donated is invested, its proceeds directed back to the community groups and non-profit organisations in the Lytton electorate that care for us, and make our community richer.

From grants to support sports, arts, environmental and cultural initiatives, to aiding vulnerable persons and groups, the BCF represents a grassroots source of funding that channels financial assistance directly to those in need.

Community Events

Bayside Community Awards and Pups in the Park


A donation to the BCF is an investment in the betterment of the bayside community, forever. Please donate today.

Structure and Governance

The Bayside Community Fund is a named sub fund under the Queensland Gives.  Queensland Gives provides the compliance and oversight of the Bayside Community Fund; the investment strategy is managed by Queensland investment Corporation (QIC) and legal support by the Public Trustee.  Being part of the General Fund is a low-risk, efficient and low-cost investment for the Bayside Community Fund.

The Local Committee

The committee is made of locals who live and work in the community. They liaise with local businesses and community stakeholders to encourage new contributions to the fund to ensure a robust, independent and well-governed community grants program, and to support community grant recipients in measuring the impact of the grant in the local community.


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