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Beauty on Belmont’s experienced technicians can transform your eyelashes with beautiful lash extensions that are comfortable and long-lasting.

The team at Beauty on Belmont love OLashes, because they’re like dry shampoo – always there for you when you’re too tired to get ready!

And when it comes to choosing the right style of lashes for you, there are plenty of options ranging from subtle, natural looking extensions to glamourous glossy versions.

There really is something for everyone, with classics, hybrids, volumes, and also mega volumes to choose from, expertly applied by Beauty on Belmont’s friendly team members.

Here are some easy tips for making your lash extensions last longer:

  • Don’t pull or tug them out
  • Avoid mascara or eyelash curlers
  • Don’t sleep on your face
  • Keep them clean – we recommend using a lash shampoo

If you simply implement these four easy tips, you’ll extend the life of your lash extensions.

Beauty on Belmont’s team would love to treat you to a spring makeover and an amazing set of lashes.

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