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Adventures of Peter Rabbit

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4 Apr 23 to 8 Apr 23 at 4:00 pm-5:00 pm


Ron Hurley Theatre, 28 Tallowwood St Seven Hills



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Small Crown Productions

About the event

So far Peter has been chased by Mr McGregor, lost his jacket and almost got caught in a net… but none of that is the worst thing that will happen today.

After celebrating the victory of getting his jacket back, Peter, his cousin Ben and their new friend Mrs Tittlemouse take a well earned nap.

But waking up to the sound of Ben being kidnapped sets Peter and Mrs ‘T’ on the adventure of their lives. They must devise a plan to get Ben back while avoiding their biggest threat – Mr McGregor and his nasty cat Mrs Pickles.

Can they save Ben in time?

Adventures of Peter Rabbit is an exciting new adaptation of the classic tales by Beatrix Potter. Filled with danger, friendship and courage this play is an unmissable adventure for the whole family.

About the host
Provider of Family Entertainment led by award winning actor Paul Adams