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14 Apr 22 to 17 Apr 22 at 7:00 pm-9:30 pm


Ron Hurley Theatre
28 Tallowwood Street
Seven Hills QLD



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Jess Ham Productions

About the event

Bombshells on stage at the Ron Hurley Theatre, Seven Hills QLD, 14 – 17th April 2022.

Bombshells is Melbourne playwright Joanna Murray-Smith’s tenth play, written for globally celebrated actress Caroline O’Connor. Originally designed as a one-woman show, this hilarious and engaging monologue series will be portrayed by a cast of three. Starring Alexis Beebe, Julie Berry and Libby Harrison, all actresses over forty, demonstrating that great talent doesn’t have an age limit.

In their first full theatrical production, Jess Ham Productions is setting out to create a space to empower women through authentic representation, and this play does just that. With characters such as Meryl (played by Berry), the tired, overwhelmed stay-at-home mother of three. Or Theresa (played by Harrison), the anxious bride, discovering her loss of indepence, the play recognises the daily pressures women face in a manic way that will leave audiences both laughing and crying.

Each performance will raise money for RizeUp Australia, a charity that supports rehousing victims of domestic violence after seeking asylum. 100% of proceeds raised from their raffles will be donated from each performance and tickets can be purchased on the night. In addition to this, the event will include an all-female artist Art Gallery and a Contribution Board, dedicated to profiling the success of local businesswomen, which will be displayed at the theatre during performances.

Producer and business owner Jess Ham says she is, “…so excited to be building a platform that elevates other women and empowers them to support each other. This is my dream come true.” With an all star cast and a lineup of local talent applying for her gallery, it’s shaping up to be the event of the East Season.

Tickets range from $30 – $40 and are available online at

Show may contain adult themes and some coarse language.

About the host
Jess Ham Productions launched in 2020 as a result of Jess Ham’s first writing venture, Playing Mom. The play was conceived and developed during Covid, and with restrictions posing logistical problems in getting the work produced, Ham decided to roll up her sleeves and do it herself. As more women expressed their interest in Ham’s work, she saw that there was a gap in the roles created for women, particularly women over forty, with age-appropriate parts being filled by younger actresses.

Jess Ham Productions took Playing Mom to a creative development workshop in late 2020, and presented the work at an industry showcase at La Boite Studio. The play received a lot of praise and has since undergone further renditions of the written work. In 2021 Jess Ham Productions approached their first musical work when Ham paired up with Laura Fois to present Did You Hear Something Funny at the Short and Sweet Cabaret Festival. The pair later went on to develop a Christmas cabaret entitled A Merry Eve, which was presented at Paddington’s Sitdown Comedy Club.

At the heart of all it’s work, Jess Ham Productions is a feminist company with a strong focus on putting women at the forefront of their creative pieces. By employing the values of joy and empowerment, Jess Ham Productions moves forward with a mission to show that women are more than their appearances and that great talent does not have an age limit.