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The recent closure of the Majestic Cinema in Wynnum has left both residents and local business owners disheartened. “We are just as disappointed as the rest of Wynnum to see Majestic close their doors,” expressed Justin Ham, Managing Director of Ham Bros Group, the organisation behind the cinema’s development.

In response to the outcry from the community, including a 10,000-strong petition, Ham Bros Group invested significantly in constructing a first-class cinema. The closure, merely three years after its inauguration, came as an unexpected blow. “To have it close its doors three years on is certainly not an outcome we envisioned,” admitted Justin Ham.

Despite this setback, Ham Bros Group remains resolute in their commitment to keeping the cinema operating. “At this stage, we still believe there’s a market for it, and we are committed to keeping the cinema alive,” emphasised Ham.

Ham and his team are actively exploring options to revitalise the space. “What that involves at the moment is something our team and I have to assess,” shared Ham. “But the first thing we will do is make sure it’s a lot more affordable to see a movie moving forward.”

Ham Bros Group acknowledges the importance of ensuring that movie-watching remains affordable for all members of the community. By making this move, they aim to attract a broader audience and breathe new life into the cinema.

While the road ahead may be challenging, the spirit of resilience and determination prevails. As Justin Ham aptly puts it, “We are committed to keeping the cinema alive.” And with such determination, there’s every reason to believe that the silver screen will once again illuminate the heart of Wynnum.

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