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As employers, most of us have been in the situation of sifting through endless resumes in an attempt to find the right candidate for a job. Likewise, most potential employees have been through the arduous process of writing and submitting cover letters and resumes for positions.

At IRLjobs, we realised there had to be a better way forward. But what was the better way; what was being done to streamline the recruitment process?

Being a recruiter for 26 years – and with our major online suppliers charging more than $300 per ad – we realised the current system was not sustainable for our business.

When Covid presented we had the opportunity to pivot and create
a solution. Our idea was to re-engineer the recruitment process, using automation and bespoke technology to deliver accurate and timely results that matched employers with job seekers, so we created

How IRLjobs provides value to employers
Pre-selection of candidates. Using bespoke development, IRLjobs has the functionality to complete the pre-selection of a candidate prior to them being alerted to a new job opportunity.

Time-saving. Once you advertise your position, you will only receive applications from available candidates who meet your specific position requirements based on location, remuneration, experience, qualifications, certifications and more. IRLjobs is fully automated, working to your requirements 24/7.

Text and email alerts. Once you post your advert, you will receive a text message and email when a candidate has applied for your opportunity. Simply log in to IRLjobs, review the candidate’s profile, chat, organise to interview or hire immediately.

Security. Using your mobile number to enter the site, you will receive a one-time password, so you will never have to remember your login details again.

Payment. The system is engineered to accept credit cards, EFT and/or payment by account.

The benefits for candidates looking for work
IRLjobs can create multiple job preferences to fit your skillset, experience, location and availability. If you’re looking to secure a full-time role in your chosen profession or trade, studying and needing to work part-time, or only looking for casual day/afternoon/night or weekend work, IRLjobs will filter these options for you. It’s fast and easy, free to create a profile, secure and easy to use, works for you 24/7 and alerts you to opportunities when they meet your requirements.

With a national reach, IRLjobs was developed with the power to connect local people to local jobs.

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