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Some dogs are very athletic and run and jump most days. These dogs, though fit, can still suffer from repetitive and stress related injuries the same as human athletes do.

Agility and working dogs can be particularly susceptible to joint injuries caused by the sudden stopping and turning at speed and pressure. Hind limb conditions such as arthritis of the hip, stifle and tarsus can be frequently found in sporting dogs. The most common hindlimb injury for dogs is cranial cruciate ligament (CCL) rupture.

Other dogs are the same as humans. If they aren’t used to a lot of cardio exercise and then suddenly go to the park and run around with their mates or chase birds or balls at the beach or even in your back yard, they can put stress on their joints, injure their muscles and suffer other more serious injuries.

So whether your dog is an athlete or the WW type, regular massage sessions can really assist by keeping their muscles and joints supple and flexible, this is especially important when the weather is getting cooler or if your dog is getting older.

Where possible always try to let your dog warm up before they start running around or exercising at speed. This may mean keeping them on leash a bit longer with a brisk walk around the outside of the park or beach before you let them run with their friends. Or maybe park a bit further away from your destination and give yourself and your dog a chance to warm up and smell the roses on the way.

If your dog needs some assistance keeping in peak form or have any questions around how canine remedial massage could assist your dog feel free to reach out via my website
or Facebook page @bfpetrehab.

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