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Here are Poppy’s tips for being on your best behaviour!

Share the path.
We are so lucky to have such great places to walk where we live – there is so much to see and smell outside! My people make sure that I stay to one side of the path to let fast doggos, runners, and bike riders get past and to give space to people going in the other direction.

Don’t go out without your lead!
There are some great places to have a really big play without your lead on, but unless I’m in one of these designated “off-leash” areas, I have to keep my lead on. This not only keeps me safe from busy roads, but also stops me from damaging the homes of the feathery and fishy types who live around the bay.

Don’t leave a mess.
We all know that when you’ve got to go, you’ve got to go! Make sure that your people always have a supply of bags to clean up after you if nature calls while you’re out and about.

Don’t run up to other dogs or people without asking.
This follows from the last point – my mum won’t let me go up to other dogs or run up to other people without asking. Some dogs are scared and anxious on their leads and don’t always want someone running up and getting in their face. Get your people to ask other dogs’ people if it’s okay for you to say hello.

Stay home if you’re sick!
Our people know all too well these days that you shouldn’t go out if you’re sick. Things like tummy upsets and coughs spread really easily between dogs so it’s best to give the dog park a miss until you’re feeling better.

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