Will Canine Hydrotherapy be good for my dog? - The Community Leader and Real Estate New and Views


Canine Hydrotherapy has a number of benefits for our best friends’ health and wellbeing. The water’s natural buoyancy and resistance assists with strengthening their muscles whilst supporting their joints. The warmth of the water also keeps their joints and muscles warm.

It can be used for maintaining or regaining strength after surgery or injury as well as keeping our older or arthritic friends in their best form possible and let’s not forget our athletic companions who can also benefit by working on their endurance, stamina and general fitness in the water.

Hydrotherapy is also great for weight loss as the resistance of the water adds to their workout, whilst the water is supporting their joints during the exercise. Fifteen minutes on the underwater treadmill is equivalent to roughly 30 minutes on dry land.

Utilising an underwater treadmill allows us to control the speed of your dog’s movement, and the depth and warmth of the water to achieve the best outcomes possible. Hydro sessions can be partnered with massage or laser therapy to get your dogs performing at their best, or living their best lives.

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