Coolnwynpin students stars of creative generation! - The Community Leader and Real Estate New and Views

Photo: Supplied.


Thirty-two Coolnwynpin students have just returned from starring in the 2023 Creative Generation performances. The students and staff put in hours of weekend rehearsals, practice and pulled it all together with six amazing performances.

Our school joined 1700 other performers from over 130 Queensland state schools to put on this year’s spectacular. Staff and parents were the behind-the-scenes heroes, stitching sequins onto costumes and setting high ponytails in place. This is the 19th year for Creative Generation, and it was a highlight for our creative students. Coolnwynpin students from Year 1 to Year 6 performed twice during the show with professionally choreographed dance routines.

Our School Captain, Mia, was one of the performers. “This year was the best year yet; I have been a part of C-Gen for five years,” said Mia. “The highlights are the buzz you get from the crowd applause and the bonds you form with fellow performers.”

Teacher Nigel Wiggins was there through rehearsals and spent a week at the Convention Centre supporting students. “The quality of performance blows me away. Our students put on a show as good as any professional touring company,” he said

“The performance inspired our students to make a real difference in friendships and relationships by being proud of who they are.

“Each year, our older students take care of the younger ones. They calm their nerves and help them to enjoy this special opportunity to perform.”

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