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The 150th Anniversary ceramic mural unveiling. Member for Lytton, Joan Pease with TSS Principal Donna O’Keeffe, and Luke Pendergast, TSS P&C President.


This year Tingalpa State School celebrated its 150th anniversary. The school was established on 1 August 1873, making it the oldest schools in the Bayside area. Exactly 150 years to the date the school community marked the occasion with a special assembly and afternoon tea. The event was attended by students, parents and past students, staff and community members.

Highlights of the assembly included an historical timeline presented by Tingalpa State School student leaders, recognition of past principals and community members who support the school and a presentation of a commemorative 150th badge to Les Porter, family representative of the oldest living student from the school, Roy Stanton aged 91. This was presented to Mr Porter by the current youngest student in the school, George Nicholson, just turned five.

“We are proud to have generations of families receive their education at our school. Many parents and grandparents of current students were once themselves members of Tingalpa State School and our motto ‘Strive to Excel’ along with the Tingalpa State School crest of a tree is recognised by the Tingalpa community as symbolising the history and heritage of our school and its community,” said Mrs Donna O’Keeffe, Principal of Tingalpa State School.

History shows that Tingalpa has always been a place of community. For the Quandamooka people, the traditional custodians of the Tingalpa area, this area provided a wealth of food, around the many freshwater billabongs and the creek. It became known as a meeting and gathering place, it was our original community. This sense of a community gathering place lives on today at Tingalpa State School, as it is the heart of the community.

Celebrations began in Term 2 when students and staff worked with local ceramic artist, Maria Barry, to create a 150th anniversary ceramic mural. The mural was gifted to the community by the school, TSS P&C and Member for Lytton, Joan Pease.

Tingalpa State School looks forward to embracing the next chapter of its journey, confident that the values it was built upon will continue to guide and shape the lives of its students for years to come.

Les Porter and George Nicholson.

The 150th Anniversary School History Museum.

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