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In November 2023, a highly effective shingles vaccine named Shingrix became free for people aged 65 and over, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people aged 50 and over, and some people with severely weakened immune systems.

One in three Australians will get shingles in their lifetime, and the risk increases with age. Shingles presents with a blistering rash and can cause complications such as blindness, hearing problems and pain that can last for months. Whilst Shingrix is only free for certain people, it is recommended for all adults over the age of 50 and for people living in the same household as someone with a weakened immune system.

Having had chicken pox in the past does not protect you from shingles. If you’ve had shingles, Shingrix is still recommended, but you must wait 12 months between the shingles infection and the vaccine.

Prior to November 2023, the vaccine Zostavax was given for free to those over 70 and other eligible people. If you had Zostavax over 12 months ago, you can be re-immunised with Shingrix. In this instance you will have to pay privately for Shingrix, unless it has been five or more years since you received the free Zostavax.

Shingrix can be given at the same time as influenza and COVID vaccines. A second dose is required, usually two to six months later.

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