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A Home Medicines Review is a free service that can be organised by your GP. The purpose of the review is to improve your understanding of the medicines you are using, including over the counter medications, herbs and vitamins.

During the visit, a pharmacist will attend your home and address any questions and concerns you may have about your medications. This may include how well the medications are working and any side-effects you may be experiencing. If you use inhalers, patches, creams and eye or ear drops, the pharmacist will also ensure that they are being used correctly.

You may be eligible for a home medicines review if you:

  • take lots of medicines
  • have medicines prescribed by different doctors
  • started a new medicine
  • have recently been in hospital
  • feel unwell after taking medicines
  • don’t always remember to take your medicines
  • are concerned about your medicines

Following the review, a report will be provided to your GP along with any recommendations to help you get the best from your medicines. Your GP will then discuss the report with you and make any necessary changes. If you or a person you care for lives in an aged-care home, the pharmacist will visit you at the aged-care home and talk to you, your family, carers, or staff about your medicines.

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