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Dr Dale Garred, GP at Manly Village Medical Centre, reminds us not to forget about a skin check when considering our health goals this New Year.

New Year resolutions have been one of the most searched topics on New Year’s Eve for many years. Though at first the resolutions we consider may be frivolous, (I’d personally like to be able to do the splits by December), with more thought however, especially with a pandemic in the haze, they turn more serious, with many resolving to be ‘healthier’ or to ‘look after themselves better’. As a result, many patients attend their GP Practice in the early parts of the new year for their ‘100 000km full service’ – keen to get their blood pressure checked, or maybe a blood test.

Did you know though, that Queensland is still considered to be the ‘Skin Cancer Capital of the World’? So right up there with heart troubles and elevated cholesterol, Skin Cancer is a significant cause of ill health in our community and as such it is so important that we don’t forget the ‘exterior detail’ (aka skin check) in addition to the ‘grease and oil change’ this new year.

GPs have the knowledge and skills to perform skin checks. They can also discuss with you your individual skin cancer risk and provide advice on how often you require a skin check in order to prevent or detect Skin Cancer early.

Skin Cancer occurs when particular types of cells in certain layers of the skin change (become abnormal) in response to exposure to UV radiation (sun) over time. Anyone can develop skin cancer, irrespective of your age, skin type or whether you have ever been sunburnt. Some types of skin cancer can even be life threatening, though prognosis can be significantly improved with early detection.

If you would like your ‘exterior detail’, as part of your New Year Health Goals, or if you are concerned about any spots on your skin, phone your GP and ask for an appointment for a full skin check on top of your general appointments this new year.

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