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Does your hair need to take a heat break?

As often as possible, in between washing and styling, take a break from using heat to style your hair, and allow your hair the opportunity to retain moisture and de-stress.

If you have to use heat to style your hair, heat protection products will help protect your hair, but the more breaks you have from heat styling, the healthier your hair will be long-term.

The haircare range we use and recommend here at beauty on Belmont is Pure Haircare. Their products are beautifully Australian made, vegan, gluten free, sulphate and paraben free. They are just so nourishing for your hair!

This styling primer is a spray that you can use before you Blowdry your hair, and before styling your hair (it is to only be used when your hair is wet) it is also anti-humidity (which means less frizz)!

We also love Pure’s sacred mask. This is a treatment to use instead of your usual conditioner. Simple leave it in for a few minutes after shampooing your hair, keeping it off the scalp! This helps with heat protection and is great for putting moisture back into the hair.

Pictured below are hairstyles without heat. Simply braid or plait hair, then take the braid out the following day for beautiful, natural curls. You could also try a half-up/half-down style with natural curls, or even a top bun with natural curls.

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