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Advancements in dentistry mean that there are multiple options available to restore a natural, functional, and aesthetic dentition.

There are many different reasons why patients may be suitable for a partial or full mouth rehabilitation such as excessively worn-down or weakened teeth, loose or ill-fitting dentures, or inadequate remaining teeth causing chewing difficulty. If this sounds like your situation and you have been struggling with damaged or missing teeth, or aren’t happy with your current teeth or dentures, then you may want to consider some comprehensive long-lasting treatment options.

At Dental on Cambridge, our team have extensive experience in utilising a variety of treatment options including full upper and lower arch crowns; a combination of crowns on existing teeth and implant crowns, and combining implants with removable dentures to provide more support for an upper or lower arch commonly known as an all on four implants procedure. The All on Four procedure is an advanced technique, which allows a full set of upper or lower teeth to be securely anchored by four, five or six dental implants. This option is highly aesthetic and has a good success rate, which means it is becoming a popular alternative to traditional removeable dentures.

One of our practice philosophies is to ensure that patients are fully informed about their dental treatment prior to commencing. Our team will take the time to discuss all aspects of your care with you. Dr Alex Ritchie and the team at Dental on Cambridge are highly trained in cosmetic and implant dentistry and can perform an array of procedures to support you on your quest to finding your smile and confidence again.

If you’re considering undertaking some cosmetic or implant treatment and would like to know what treatment options might be suitable for your individual circumstances, give our team a call on 3348 6661 to find a suitable appointment time.

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