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It may seem like losing a tooth – especially one that’s not easily visible – isn’t such a big deal. But did you know that there are several significant consequences to losing a tooth, especially to the orofacial complex and to the shape of your face over time?

The consequences include a loss of bone volume and density, which accelerates the appearance of facial aging, overloading and movement of the remaining teeth, which can increase the risk of residual tooth fracture, bite disturbances, and gum disease. Additionally, chewing, speaking, and smiling can be difficult, and there is even an increased risk of further tooth loss.

When a tooth is lost, leaving a gap in the dental arch, the teeth on either side of that missing tooth start to drift into the remaining gap. More detrimentally, however, is when the opposite tooth over- erupts into the gap, as it has no opposing tooth to keep it in place. Unfortunately, this often leads to the loss of an additional tooth over time. The end result is the loss of not just one tooth but two teeth!

So, how can you bridge a gap to prevent this? Traditionally, gaps were ‘bridged’ by an artificial tooth attached to the teeth on either side of the gap with crowns. This is a great solution for many people, especially when the teeth on either side of the gap have been weakened by decay, fillings, or cracks over time and could benefit from the reinforcement of the crown anyway. However, if these teeth either side of the gap are in very good condition, it could be considered unnecessary treatment to crown these teeth when a dental implant could be placed in the gap as a stand-alone tooth replacement.

Implant treatment has a success rate of over 95%, making it one of the most successful dental treatments available. Dr Alex Ritchie is highly trained in all aspects of implant dentistry and uses state-of-the-art keyhole surgical techniques, which are minimally invasive and virtually pain-free. As always, Alex’s top priority is patient comfort and safety, in addition to obtaining excellent outcomes.

Currently, at Dental on Cambridge, we are offering a ‘start to finish’ implant treatment, including finished crown attachment, for $4658 for standard implant cases. If you are unsure if this could be a suitable solution for your gap, call our team at 3348 6661 to make a consultation time to find out!

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