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This month I thought I would share some great shots from the photos I have been sent over time of young ones fishing in the bay. Personally, this is my favourite part of doing reports on where the fish are biting, because the end result is seeing the smiles and the joy these photos bring, not only to the kids, but also to their families.

I know I always think back to the photo I have of me fishing with my Dad and Grandad, picking up sea urchins in the old country, and I hope the children in these more recent photos will look back with a smile on their faces one day, remembering when they started to fish.

I hope you enjoy these photos as much as I do!

On the fishing front, there are plenty of school mackerel in the western side of the bay. Whiting are plentiful in the Rous and Small Boat Channel, and there’s arrow squid and cuttlefish in the deeper water on the western side of the bay. Reef fish are in good numbers in the artificial reefs and close in near the island drop-offs, and as reported last month, the whales are in the bay just east of Green Island, so keep an eye out.

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