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Photo: Spero Kartanos.


It’s the first week of summer; and let’s hope the weather settles and conditions are great for fishing!

Looking back over the years, there are weeks in December when conditions seem unsettled, and big storms are the norm, so let’s hope we get the rain without the hail (if we get any at all over at Manly West).

Whiting, mackerel, reef fish and lots of sand crabs should be on the menu in December, and all we need is the weather to play its part so we can get on the bay to catch a few.

If the crabbing is as good in December as in November, there will be plenty of crabs on the diner tables over Christmas, and the same for whiting. Now is a good time to catch them around the Chain Banks and Rous Channel areas, and they should be good sizes, too.

The snapper and squire will be close around the island drop-offs, so it’s worth a fish, especially during the last run-out tides. We’ll be waiting with bated breath to see if the spotty mackerel come into the bay again this year in more significant numbers, and we hope at least there will be a few school mackerel swimming around the Hope Banks.

So get the rods and reels cleaned up, have a few chrome slugs at the ready, along with a few spoons and diving boards to tow behind the boat, and keep your eyes wide open for weather changes and the amount of extra traffic on the water. Stay safe, catch some fish, and have a merry and safe Christmas. I hope to be reporting good fishing news in 2024!

For updates on where the fish are biting, check out fishingmonthly.com.au for Moreton Bay fishing reports.

I wish all my readers a merry Christmas and a healthy and happy new year!

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