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Photos: Spero Kartanos.


Finally, cooler weather is here, and I’m hoping like crazy that the rain is gone as well! I could not handle a wet autumn/winter this year after all the rain, but it made it one of the best ever mud crab and sand crab seasons, and the prawns finally started to appear in big numbers at the end of last month. My prawn friends tell me this month will be good for prawns.

The school mackerel season is really fired up, and everyone targeting them is catching some. I’ve heard some reports that even fishermen who usually catch plenty of whiting and don’t normally fish for mackerel in Fisherman’s Gutter are getting plenty of school mackerel on floating pillies behind the boat. So, floating pillies anywhere through the Small Boat Channel all the way to opposite Fisherman’s Gutter will most likely get you a few mackerel.

The deeper waters off Green Island and King Island, and around the Hope Banks and towards the Naval reserves, have an abundance of school mackerel, Bonito and long-tail tuna. Wherever you see the tuna species smashing bait this time of the year, you will find schoolies under them. From my experience, there were so many early last week fishermen were catching and releasing, so as mentioned, the season will get better as the cooler weeks approach. It’s interesting to note we are still picking up the odd big spotty mackerel, but after a cold snap, they will be hard to find until next year. Again, 2024 was not as good for spotties as last year.

The whiting are in good numbers further up in the Rous Channel, Fisherman’s Gutter, and opposite Hope Banks. The deeper water around Amity Banks will also have plenty, and the Maroon Gutter and sandhills at Moreton Island are always good for whiting this time of year.

Squid fishing is fantastic now, with plenty of tiger squid on the weed banks all the way through to the Rous, Amity Banks, and Green Island. The cuttlefish and arrow squid will start showing up in the deeper water all around Green Island and Victoria Point, just off the bottom in 26 to 28 feet of water.

Try reef fishing along the island drop offs, and the artificial reefs have plenty of fish to keep everyone happy.

Till next month, good fishing and remember for weekly and daily reports, check out for my Moreton Bay fishing reports to keep up to date.

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