September fishing: a whale of a time! - The Community Leader and Real Estate New and Views

Photos: Spero Kartanos.


I know it’s a fishing column, but when the whales are in, and you see the size of them as they go past your boat, and you realise that the calf is as big as your old bay cruiser, it’s pretty amazing! Especially to see Mum being so protective; it’s one of the best sights in the bay this time of year. And, how lucky are we to see them just east of Green Island and Wellington Point and around Peel Island? Looking at records, the next four weeks are when most whales come in to rest before the long journey to the South Pole, so if you get a chance during the school holidays, it’s worth a look around the bay to see these magnificent mammals.

The school mackerel season is at its peak this month, and you should start to catch them all through the bay from close in at Manly Harbour, last leads, to King and Green Islands, all the way to Ormiston and east to the Naval Banks. So, there’s no excuse for not getting a good feed; you can troll to find them, anchor up, drop some pillies on ganged hooks, and wait.

The whiting should be in the small boat channel and the Rous this time of year, and the Sand Hills at Moreton should also be firing, along with Amity Banks, close in at Darcy Light. The area between the shallows in front of Wynnum Creek out towards St Helena has also been good over the years, and the snapper and squire/sweet lip should be looking for us. Since the opening of the snapper season in mid-August, there are always plenty of snapper and squire in the bay to keep us all happy in September. My favourite areas to find them are around the shallow grounds around all the Bay Islands.

Till next month, good fishing!

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