Where to find your Easter seafood in Moreton Bay - The Community Leader and Real Estate New and Views

Photos: Spero Kartanos.


Happy Easter to you all. It feels like we have been celebrating Easter since January 1st when hot cross buns started appearing. Okay, let’s not go there!

April is usually a great month for fishing on the bay. Last year it was wet and rainy, and the water became muddy, so let’s hope we get good rain (but no floods) so we can catch some fresh fish.

Whiting should be in good numbers in the Rous Channel, Fisherman’s Gutter, Maroon Gutter, and Hole. Amity Banks and the Sand Hills should have plenty as well. Hopefully, the water stays clear because the tiger squid should be in the same weed banks as the whiting. The only problem this year is that thousands of big green sea toads are killing our squid jigs.

School mackerel will be in the area from Hope Banks and across to Peel, so trolling with a diving board and a 3-inch spoon will be a good way to catch a few. Alternatively, you can try drifting close to the beacons with floating pillies – that’s also fun.

Squire, snapper, and sweet lip are also worth targeting around the bay’s shallow reefs and artificial structures.

Let’s hope the weather stays fine and the seas calm so everyone can enjoy the holidays. Good luck to all the sailors competing in the Brisbane to Gladstone yacht race.

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