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Local fisherman Spero Kartanos gave us the scoop on the best fishing spots in Moreton Bay this month.


The end of the year is fast approaching (it’s only 12 weeks or so to Christmas!), and like last year, hopefully, October starts with a bang and gives us lots of fish and great weather.

This month, the whiting will be in the bay from the Rous and Small Boat Channel to the Chain Banks (generally on the Maroon side). The Blue Hole and Sand Hills at Moreton Island should also give us some nice whiting.

School mackerel should be close from the Hope Banks to Wellington Point and Ormiston. Hopefully, the water stays clean without too much storm and wind to muddy it up. The school mackerel seem to go off the bite with the big tides.

Snapper/squire and sweetlip should be in good numbers around the shallow reefs around the Bay Islands and the artificial reefs. I like the outgoing tides around the shallow reefs, and Mt Cotton reach in the Rous Channel is an area that produces good fish this time of year.

With October comes the warmer water and more pelagic action on the surface – let’s hope, like last year, the spotties come back in the bay. November is better, but it’s still worth keeping your eyes open for surface action.

Sand crab season should be well and truly on, so a couple of crab pots will get you a feed of these tasty critters.

Some whales running late for their migration south might be the bonus when going out in the bay this time of year, so keep your eyes wide open!

Till next month, good fishing, and remember to check out fishingmonthly.com.au for weekly up-to-date fishing reports for Moreton Bay and Water Tower Bait and Tackle for all your fishing needs.

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