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On Wednesday the Lord Mayor brought down the 2022/23 Brisbane City Council Budget.

I have provided a highlight of the projects funded this week. Some details have not been provided as yet and once they are I will be putting out my annual Budget Newsletter to provide more details.

Further funds have been allocated for the Lindum Level Crossing $10M has come from the Federal Government as well as $5M from the State and $5M from Council.

It is great to see all levels of government cooperating to deal with this critical project.

Like all suburbs in Brisbane rates have increased, but the Wynnum Manly Ward has the lowest increases in Brisbane. The dollar amount shown is the average residential owner occupier rates for that suburb.













Manly West




Wynnum West




I note the increases in the Wynnum Manly Ward are low, but it is important to note that everything is increasing in cost, so even the slightest increases for some residents will make life difficult. 

I remind residents who are on a pension or part pension to read your last Rates Notice from Brisbane City Council.  Check that you are receiving a BCC Rate Rebate.

If you are not receiving the rebate, contact my office and find out how to apply for your rebate.  These amounts are substantial and can make a huge difference to your budget. 

 In addition, are you receiving a rebate on your Utilities from Urban Utilities?  If not you must contact them directly and can do so by phoning 132657 or go to

Some good news is that 25 or 26 roads in the Wynnum Manly Ward will be resurfaced in the next 12 months. Manly Road could be in Wynnum Manly or Doboy Wards, either way we benefit.

Andrew Street



Atlanta Street

Manly West


Bethania Street



Boswell Terrace



Carlton Terrace



Coolview Street

Manly West


Coralie Avenue*

Wynnum West


Cornucopia Street

Manly West


Crawford Road

Wynnum West


Ferndale Street



Gaywood Street

Wynnum West


Greenside Street

Manly West


Henry Street



Herswell Avenue*

Wynnum West


Jayben Street

Wynnum West


Kingsley Terrace



Manly Road

Manly West


Nairana Street

Manly West


Petersen Street



Pine Street West



Talwong Street

Manly West


Whites Road

Manly West


Wynnum North Road

Wynnum West


Yeo Court

Wynnum West


* Road resurfacing commenced on Tuesday 21 June 2022

Funding has been made available for upgrading parks this financial year. The parks affected are:

George Clayton Park



Wynnum Wading Pool Park



Improving Park Amenities

Wynnum Wading Pool Park



Upgrading Facilities in Parks

Bayside Park



Memorials and Heritage Assets Restoration

Richard Russell Park



Community and Sport Partnership Program

Wynnum Vikings Australian Football and Sporting Club

Wynnum West


Footpath and Bikeway Reconstruction

Cabanda Street

Wynnum West


Edith Street



Our local roads need more work and there are many intersections that I asked the Lord Mayor for funding that did not receive funding.

I will continue to seek funding for projects like installing traffic lights at Manly and Stannard Road, and a roundabout at Cambridge Pde, Arnold St and Melville Tce are just some of the priorities I have identified in our area. Funded projects are:

Suburban Corridor Modernisation

Tingal Road 



Local Area Traffic Management

Kamarin Street Precinct

Manly West


Congestion Busting

New Lindum Road at Wynnum Road

Wynnum West


In addition, Wynnum Road and Hemmant Tingalpa Road will be funded for a major traffic improvement costing $1,782M.

This road is not in the Wynnum Manly Ward, but many residents will gain the benefit of this improvement.

Wynnum Manly Ward Office
3a/212 Bay Terrace (Cnr of Pine Street) Wynnum Qld 4178
Office hours: 8.30am-4.30pm, Monday-Friday
Phone: 07 3403 2180
Email: [email protected]

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