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Councillor for Wynnum Manly Ward

The recent Fringe Festival was a great success with good crowds attending over the Fringe weekend. Many ticketed shows were heavily booked and there was also a good attendance to the wide range of free events around the area. A big congratulations to the event organiser, Tom Oliver and to the large number of volunteers who worked hard to make this event a success!

Remembrance Day this year was a very special day for Guardian Angels Primary School where they officially opened and blessed their Defence Services & Centenary Memorial. There was even a fly over of a N02 SQN Boeing 737 ‘Wedgetail’.

November has been a very busy month with community events. I attended various AGM’s for local community groups & sports clubs, fundraisers, community group reunions, Savoyards’s 60th Anniversary Celebration/ Award events such as the Tangalooma EcoMarine Awards / Night of Broken Glass Memorial for the Jewish Community / Remembrance Day Services / Christmas Markets / Fringe Festival / Community Concerts & Brisbane Pride Festival all to name a few!

The Wynnum Manly Historical Society are keen to preserve funeral eulogies for Wynnum Manly residents who have passed away. If you would like to supply a copy for future historical reference to the Society, you may do so. Contact [email protected] or their website

The Bayside Uniting Church will be hosting Christmas Day Lunch for Bayside community people who will be spending Christmas Day by themselves. There will be Covid seating requirements in place, so be sure to register. Contact the Bayside Uniting Church on 3890 2395 for more information. Also let them know if transport is required.

As the Christmas Season is drawing upon us, I thought it might be valuable to let you know how to recycle responsibly!

Items That Can Be Recycled

  • Cardboard Boxes – including cereal boxes / egg cartons /cardboard coffee cups / laundry detergent boxes / long-life milk & fruit juice cartons / manilla folders /pizza boxes (grease stains are acceptable but food scraps to be removed) / removalists boxes / tissue boxes / toilet rolls
  • Firm Plastic Containers & Bottles – including biscuit and sushi trays / cleaning product bottles (domestic only) / coffee cups lids / disposable plastic plates & cups / margarine containers / milk, juice & cordial bottles / shampoo & conditioner bottles / soft drink bottles & cans ** / strawberry & other berry/fruit punnet containers / takeaway containers / yoghurt tubs
  • Glass Bottles & Jars – including beer, wine & spirit bottles ** / beverage bottles. jam jars / sauce bottles & jars / vitamin jars
  • Paper – including envelopes (including window style) / glossy magazines / greeting cards / junk mail & brochures / newspapers / notepaper & scrap paper / office paper (white & coloured) / paper bags / phone books / receipts / wrapping & packaging paper
  • Steel & Aluminium – including aerosol cans (empty) / aluminium foil (including pie trays) / food cans (aluminium or steel / soft drink cans ** / paint tins (empty & dry)

** Most aluminium, glass, plastic, steel & liquid paperboard drink containers are eligible for the 10cent refund under the Containers for Change Program. You will be asked to remove the lids so you can recycle these separately. Lids4Kids Australia provides a recycling option for plastic lids.

Biopack cups & containers (biodegradable hard plastics) / bread clips / coffee pods / corks / crockery / pots / pans / heatproof dishes (eg. Pyrex) / drinking glasses / E-Waste (batteries / compact discs / DVD’s / fluorescent tubes / kitchen appliances / food waste / garden waste (includes timber, bricks and soil) / gas bottles / helium tanks & other hazardous material / hangers (plastic & metal) / hard plastic compact disc cases / helium tanks / ink cartridges *** / light bulbs / mirrors/ window glass/ nappies / needles & syringes / polystyrene (expanded foam e.g. cups, trays, packaging) / soft plastics (bubble wrap / chip plastics, shopping bags & zip lock bags) /surgical face masks / textiles (clothing, fabric, linen & towels) / toilet paper, tissues / wax coated paper (baking paper) and wax coated boxes

*** You can return your cartridge to the supplier/manufacturer for a refill.

For more information on recycling, go to the Brisbane City Council website: for more information

For some years, we have had the Lions Christmas Cakes and Puddings for sale. This year Christmas Cakes cost $17 and Christmas Puddings at $13. However, this year, we will also be selling Rotary’s Traditional Rum & Brandy Fruit Cakes at $16.50 each, Traditional Steamed Puddings $17.50 and Traditional Baked Small Puddings (Pack of 4) for $7.50 per pack. All of these products are now on sale at my Ward Office. Please have correct money when purchasing.

You can receive my community newsletter by contacting my office with your email address. This is an informative e-newsletter that is sent out weekly with a guide to “What’s Happening” in the Wynnum Manly Ward. It lists community events, social activities and much more. Email me to subscribe at [email protected]

Wynnum Manly Ward Office
3a/212 Bay Terrace (Cnr of Pine Street) Wynnum Qld 4178
Office hours: 8.30am-4.30pm, Monday-Friday
Phone: 07 3403 2180
Email: [email protected]

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