Local artist profile: Susan Kathleen, aka Sukee - The Community Leader and Real Estate New and Views

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Susan Kathleen, known as Sukee, is not just an artist and crafter residing in Wynnum West; she is a multifaceted individual with a rich background that seamlessly intertwines with her artistic pursuits.

With a childhood steeped in creativity, Sukee’s artistic journey began early as she carried a sketchbook, exploring fantasy and creativity. Her studio, a converted shed in her back garden, serves as the epicentre of her artistic endeavours, where she paints, crafts, illustrates and writes.

Beyond her artistic pursuits, Sukee boasts an impressive 40-year career in education and coaching, catering to high-net-worth and royal Middle Eastern families. Her passion extends to charitable work, having lived in remote African villages, contributing to the construction of schools, staff training, and education for children and adults.

Sukee’s qualifications are diverse and reflect her commitment to holistic development. She holds expertise in commercial art, advertising, marketing, child education (with a focus on Asperger’s, dyslexia, and remedial reading), and art therapy. Her academic journey extends to journalism, reporting, writing, poetry, and even art auctioneering, having studied and worked in the USA.

Her artistic influence reached new heights during her tenure with the largest art gallery globally, where she served as an art auctioneer, and lecturer on luxury cruise liners, specialising in modern and contemporary artists.

Wynnum Manly Arts Council Inc (WMAC) is delighted to engage Sukee for two upcoming workshops in April and May. For more information, please contact WMAC on [email protected] or phone 3348 2369.

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