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Jaisalmer Markets.


I commenced my photographic journey in the early 2000s with the purchase of a compact Canon Ixus and then a Nikon D50 SLR. Around about the same time I started travelling overseas each year, first to Asia, and then to other countries further afield. I enjoyed being challenged by different cultures and this in turn inspired my interest in travel photography. I’m still inspired by new landscapes, architecture and people, particularly those that live a different lifestyle. I’ve now travelled to some 60 countries and photography has become both a creative outlet and a means to remember the interesting times I’ve spent in different lands.

I’ve also – for as long as I can remember – been captivated with seascapes. The power of the sea is fascinating to try and capture. On coastal holidays I love to rise before dawn and to walk along an empty beach or rocky headland as the sun is just peaking above the horizon and to set up my camera on my tripod.

Because photography is an endeavor where you never stop learning, I was recently inspired to join the Redlands Camera Club. The talks from experts and the critiquing of my photos has encouraged me to improve. My passion for travel has not dimmed. Hopefully I have many more memories to capture.

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