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Carys Martin hosts a variety of hand-building and wheel-throwing pottery classes and workshops at her charming studio nestled in Cleveland. Her teaching skills have gained immense popularity, as she orchestrates an impressive schedule of 50 workshops each year, in addition to her weekly pottery classes.

In her weekend workshops and 10-week evening courses, participants enjoy the freedom to embark on their creative journeys under Carys’ expert guidance.

These sessions are a haven for pottery enthusiasts, offering the chance to delve into hand-building techniques and the intricate art of wheel-throwing.

Attendees also get hands-on experience in the firing process, including the fascinating world of glazing their own ceramic pieces. These classes cater to both novices, eager to begin their pottery adventure, and seasoned ceramicists seeking to deepen their passion for clay while bonding with like-minded individuals.

Beyond her ceramics pursuits, Carys has embarked on a magical collaboration with her family members, Marleen and Jamie, resulting in a captivating project known as “Whispers From The Woods.” This project brings forth a collection of oracle cards paired with an enchanting book. Marleen Morgans contributes her exceptional artistic talents, while Jamie Martin adds the tech wizardry to bring the cards to life on screen. Carys, the creative visionary behind the project, weaves her artistic prowess into the project, adding her writing talents and overseeing its intricate design.

For those eager to learn more about Carys and her classes and workshops, inquiries can be directed to [email protected], or you can explore further at carysmartinceramics.com.


Carys Martin is an accomplished artist and experienced ceramicist, residing in the Redlands area. With a solid background in print design and making, Carys has a unique eye for surface decoration which is evident in her ceramics. Many of her pieces contrast raw clay with shiny, smooth glazes and highly decorated designs combined with negative space.

Working in ceramics since 2008, Carys has honed her skill to create practical, functional everyday art to one-off statement pieces that are now sought after worldwide. Inspiration comes from nature, as well as her childhood in Cumbria, an area steeped in folklore and ritual.

With a mother as an artist, Carys enjoyed a very creative childhood in the village, Banks, not only home to many prominent artists but also the LYC Museum and Art Gallery. With a BA (Hons) Arts degree, Carys has studied in the UK and America and exhibited in both these countries, as well as Australia. She continues to work in open exhibitions and galleries and is stocked in over 40 stores throughout Australia and overseas.

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