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Ever since the ancient Greeks propounded the belief that all matter was made up of four elements – earth, water, air and fire – those elements, in their various forms, have intrigued the human mind. Three of them have provided the subject matter for a fascinating art exhibition, Sky Earth Water, presented by the Redland’s Creative Alliance at Redland Museum.

The Alliance, a not-for-profit Facebook-based organisation, draws together a network of more than 400 local and south-east Queensland artists of all persuasions. Alliance administrator and chairperson May Shepard says that the theme of the Sky Earth Water exhibition gives artists a variety of landscapes to work with.

“Members were invited to submit works and the response was wonderful,” she says. “Thirty artists have contributed to a really exciting and representative collection for the exhibition, which includes photography, sculpture, stoneware, mixed media, ink, charcoal, pen and wash, acrylic, oils and watercolours. The artists have a variety of skills and abilities; some are full-time artists and some are talented hobbyists. Most of the works on display will be for sale.”

May says that the contributors have chosen a wide range of subjects and styles to engage with the theme, showing our relationship and connection to the flora and fauna of country, cloud formations and sky colours.

“Some works are conventional and some are quite abstract. The subject matter ranges from sunsets to seascapes, lakes and shoreline mangroves, from a Sunday stroll in the bush to an old shipyard and native birds in their natural environment. There is one piece that is a compilation of little scenes in the Redlands. The variety is marvellous.”

May relishes the range of artistic talent in the region but would like more opportunities to share artworks with the public.

“It’s a pity that we don’t have more places where the work of local artists can be displayed. There are three galleries in the Cleveland area but there’s so much artistic talent in the Redlands that we could easily use more space!”

Sky Earth Water will be on display at the Redland Museum,
60 Smith St. Cleveland from March 8 to March 30.

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