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In a ground-breaking move, this year’s highly anticipated Kaleidoscope Art Exhibition, hosted by Wynnum Manly Arts Council Inc, is set to be infused with creativity from Iona College and local students. With a rich history of organising the Kaleidoscope Art Exhibition, Wynnum Manly Arts has decided to enhance the event by fostering a collaboration with the budding talents of the community’s youth.

For several years, Wynnum Manly Arts has been a steadfast supporter of the arts, providing a platform for local artists to showcase their diverse talents. This year, the decision to incorporate students from Iona College aligns perfectly with a commitment to nurturing and celebrating creativity in all its forms. A portion of the exhibition’s proceeds will be directed to the Bayside Community Fund, contributing to community development and support.

The collaboration with Iona College opens up new avenues for artistic expression and promises to bring a fresh perspective to the Kaleidoscope Art Exhibition. The infusion of youthful energy and innovation is expected to elevate the overall artistic experience for both participants and attendees.

The exhibition will kick off with a grand opening night on Saturday March 16 at Iona College, 85 North Road, Wynnum West commencing 5.30pm. It will mark the beginning of a week-long celebration of art and creativity and will close on Saturday March 23, 2024.

For those eager to participate or inquire about the event, Wynnum Manly Arts Council invites individuals to reach out via email to [email protected] or phone Deb Brown on 0417 286 555.

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