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Photos: Tarnjah Myers.


My photography journey began in earnest when I got my first DSLR camera about seven years ago. Since then, with the supportive community of Redlands Camera Club I have increased in both my skill level and love of photography. Photography is the ultimate combination of technical skill and artistic expression, making it a wonderful and fulfilling hobby.

For me, photography is a way to capture the moments of awe and wonder that I am always in pursuit of, those moments where the natural beauty of the world just takes your breath away. Sometimes they are found in the back yard and sometimes on the other end of a plane trip. In the last few years, I have been blessed to be able to travel many times to Tasmania where awe and wonder is in such abundance it can be overwhelming.

I love planning out my photographic adventures in advance but some of the best moments are the times you must quickly pull off the road to capture something completely stunning and unexpected; these moments can happen around any bend in the road.

When driving in Tasmania I always double the time it will take to get to my destination to factor in the unexpected stops I anticipate. These are moments of pure joy, whether it be an echidna crossing the road, a snow-covered mountain, a river winding through a field full of sheep, a waterfall, rainforest or vast ocean vista. I hope to be able to make many more trips to this wondrous part of the world.

Road tripping Tassie

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