The disowned daughter: local author debuts new work - The Community Leader and Real Estate New and Views

Dora De Laat with her debut book. Photos: Supplied.

Dora De Laat has called Belmont home for the last 22 years, and now she is celebrating the release of her first book, The Disowned Daughter. Dora’s debut explores the story behind her childhood and her journey through the pitfalls of falling in love. Dora says the work represents a lasting legacy for her family and friends.

Dora’s story offers readers a compelling glimpse into her life growing up in a strict Cypriot household as the youngest of six girls. Hers is a story of courageous deviation from parental expectations in a Cypriot community deeply rooted in tradition. The story’s focal point is Dora’s challenges in defying her family’s wishes by marrying a non-Cypriot man. It’s an exploration of the clash between tradition and love.

As a local first-time author, Dora calls on the community for support. By purchasing a copy of The Disowned Daughter, you gain insight into a fellow community member’s unique story and contribute to our thriving local literary scene.

You can get your copy from Dora’s website at

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